De NMDC Roadshows

Links to the presentations and recordings will be available after August 15th 2023

Data Science Network


04-06-2024 AI as programming aid for scientists

A presentation give by Rik Noorlandt, senior researcher and innovator quality control at KNMI

“AI as programming aid for scientists. How does it work (tooling), examples on code learning, translation, documentation and explanation. The benefits and risks involved.”

Download presentation here.

Data Science Network

RIVM and J&V

26-03-2024  LLM in a trusted environment and GAI/LLM at the RIVM

The session will start with a presentation of Joost de Haan – Data Scientist & Advisor AI compliance. Initiator of the JenV-wide LLM initiative.
The aim of this initiative is to bundle knowledge within JenV about LLMs and their possible applications. At the same time, we are gradually mapping out the limits of technology and the necessary safeguards. One of the results is the JenV Copilot. An environment in which colleagues have protected access to a GPT model in the JenV Trusted Cloud. Within that, we want to make extra functionality available. This presentation contains a demo and a what, why and how about our next steps.
Second presentation will be about how Generative AI / LLMs are used in various ways at RIVM.
Jan de Bruin (Innovation Manager of the IV-Organization) will give a short presentation on how GenAI is dealt with within the RIVM: from the GenAI policy to the practical application (on premise using the OpenAI service within Microsoft Azure).

Data Science Network

NMDC partners

28-11-2023  Results of the NMDC LLM-pressure cooker

On November 1 to 3 2023, 15 data scientists investigated the (im)possibilities of using LLMs to chat (think of ChatGPT) with ‘own’ documents in a Pressure Cooker, under the name ‘Chat-NMDC’.  Because documents are often not public, offline use was also examined. The presentation, given by several participants in the Pressure Cooker, discusses the results; an expansion of the codebase (scripts, apps), various demos, substantive findings and the question of what it is like to work on such a topic in the form of a Pressure Cooker.

Data Science Network

WenR en Deltares

05-07-2023 The impact of generative AI

“Exploring the impact of generative and conversational AI models”
“Night terrors in the land of AI: when greed preys on ignorance we all lose”

Data Science Network


14-03-2023 Data management and Engineering

Two in-depth presentations about data management and data handling

  1.  “The data workshop of the RIVM” by Job Spijker
  2. “Separating data and code or not” by Marieke de Graaf, The Factory/PBL

Recording of the roadshow

Data Science Network


06-12-2022 Data science applications on emissions and air quality

Two in-depth presentations of Data Science applications

  1.  “Integrating data to improve the spatio-temporal estimation of emissions – application to agricultural emissions of ammonia”,  by Jerry Ge
  2.  “Advection of super-species in air quality simulation: machine-learning guided model reduction”, by Arjo Segers

Recording of the roadshow

Data Science Network

PBL en WenR

17-05-2022 Machine learning; sharing experiences text mining and literature review

Two interesting presentations on applying Machine Learning to text.

  1. Lessons learned from the application of open-source Natural Language Processing software ASReview to a systematic literature review at PBL.
    About “Machine learning in literature reviews” by PBL, Stefan Troost
  2. Using text mining to identify new – potentially illegal – food supplements.
    About “Text mining & AI for food safety” by WUR, Yamine Bouzembrak/Hans Marvin

Recording of the roadshow

Data Science Network

KNMI en Deltares

22-02-2022 Data Science; sharing experiences

During this first session KNMI and Deltares will present their current situation regarding data
science in general with impressive examples. Next to this there are two more in-depth
presentations on the topic of data science: during these presentations there is enough time to
challenge the presenter, yourself or start a technical conversation.

The in-depth presentation of this first Knowledge exchange session are:
1. Machine learning and Fog Detection by KNMI, Andrea Pagani
2. Machine learning and Dam segmentation by Deltares, Gennadii Donchyts


Recording of the roadshow